Well, this time there’s a reason for all of the pink. Wink

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Daily Memories Brushes and Stamps
Leyton Scrapbooking Collection
Pocket Cards: Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Almost Spring Kit (ribbon)
Almost There Kit (tape)
Clipped Stacks No. 07
Doodled Block Alphabet No. 03
Finley Scrapbooking Kit (heart charm, label)
Little Enamel Arrows No. 01: Glittered
Notebook Paper Pack No. 07
Pocket Cards: 2013 Calendar Cards No. 01
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 11
Vintage Photo Frames No. 32
Essential Words Hand Drawn Value Pack Vol. 01
Hand Drawn Numbers 1-31 Brushes and Stamps
Quote This Brushes and Stamps

FONT: Splendid 66, Bebas, Libby Script
Journaling: Cooked This: It was supposed to be pesto and bacon gnocchi but I was not entirely impressed with the recipe. So I changed it around and we ended up with a creamy chicken, bacon and pesto sauce over basil and parmesan agnolotti (thanks Latina Fresh for that bit). It was without a doubt one of the best things I have cooked. Yum, yummy!

On Saturday night I said to Lincoln..."Where's Poppy?"and he came over and rubbed my tummy. Awww!!!

29/07 - Lincoln has been eating all of his meals at the table for the past couple of weeks. One night he was being a little stinker because he wanted chocolate for dinner and we were ignoring him. During one of his episodes crying “Wwwhhhyyyyyyyyy??” in front of the pantry (because he knows where the chocolate is hidden) I said to him that as he’s not acting like a big boy he would have to go back to eating his meals in his high chair. And clear as a bell in reply and with as much indignation and disgust that he could muster he exclaimed.. “WHATTTTTTTTT???!!” Then a couple of minutes later he sat down and ate the rest of his dinner. 31/07 - Lincoln was decidedly quiet in the lounge room and I thought I could hear him taking his nappy off. I’ve been on hyper alert since the 'brown paint’ incidents and quickly went to check on him. I walked into the lounge room only to find his nappy still on and his morning tea tipped all over the floor. He looked at me, fist pumps in the air and proudly goes “I did it!”

02/08 - Mr Fusspot wanted to try his Daddy’s chilli noodles during dinner. Considering he never wants to try anything new on his own accord and that he loves spicy food we let him try some. He absolutely loved them and quickly came back for more! We let him eat my mongolian noodles as I was worried about him having too much chilli. He devoured them! We made honey soy chicken and noodles the next night and he ate them again! Yay for trying & liking new food!