Okay, so first and foremost I should say that this page design is not mine. It is a shameless ripoff of a page I saw over at Scrap Stacks by a poster called Sharon gardnwings. I liked her page so much that I spent nearly the whole of yesterday trying to duplicate it. For a while there was much yelling and gnashing of teeth until I finally discovered the "spherize" filter in Photoshop. Once I'd figured that out the rest was easy. (I won't bore you with the details of everything I tried--warp transform, anybody?--but eventually I did what I should have done at the beginning--a google search for "Photoshop 3D globe." A wealth of tutorials popped up and the rest, as they say, is history. What did we used to do before there was google search?...but I digress...)

Having finally figured out how to add a spherical effect to a layer, now I was left with a cool effect but nothing to actually use it on. I've wanted for weeks now to scrap a page about summer, but all I've done this summer is work, work, work, so I didn't really have any subject material (um, except for the several folders of vacation photos for vacation books I've yet to finish, but I digress...) I finally decided that if I can't scrap a page about what fun things I've done this summer--since I haven't done any!!--then I'll simply scrap a page that highlights some of the cute summer and travel elements here at DD, and so here we are--a page about elements I would have used on a summer page...if only I'd done something even remotely summer-themed this summer! Smile

ETA: If you'd like to see how I made this page, I posted the technique in the forum. Click here to be taken to that thread.

Ali Edwards
Oh Summer I Love You So 3x4 Cards
Travel Memory Tags

Lynn Grieveson
Four Seasons Tags
Really Retro Labels
Sunshine Ahead Kit
The Fourth Mini-Kit

Maplebrook Studio
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 01

Katie Pertiet
Chipboard Buttons: Mapped No. 01
On the Go Kit
Pebbled Words: Beach No. 01
Postcard Journalers
Swimmies Scrapbook Collection
Summer Tickets No. 01
Vintage Flashcards: Summer
Watery Pencil Line Seashore No. 01
Twill Tabs Clean and Dirty

Studio Double D
Readymade Blocks: Go Go Go
Readymade Circles: Summer No. 01
Readymade Journalers: Summer No. 01
Readymade Journalers: Today No. 01
Summer Fun Clusters No. 01
Summer Fun Clusters No. 02

Cathy Zielske
That's Some Summer Cards

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