Don's brother lives on this lake that is surrounded by gorgeous homes. When we were out in the boat one day, I did a little photo parade of homes.

Journaling: For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved poring over house plans and touring model homes. If there weren’t so much math involved, I think I would have liked being an architect. There was certainly plenty of brick and mortar eye candy when Don and I took the boat out on Lake Conway, a very desirable area in south Orlando. Although there were many older homes of normal size around the lake, the newer models looked like mini mansions. The house Clarence and Debbie built on the lake isn’t small by any standard, but some of the palaces we saw would dwarf it. When I see these massive homes, replete with pools, lush landscaping, and boat docks with hydraulic lifts, the question that comes to mind is, “What the heck do these people do for a living?” Obviously, I went into the wrong profession. 05.04.12

Here's the whole spread:

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