This old railroad lift bridge is a must do location for photos. You used to be able to climb up a hill next to the bridge but with all the foot traffic it has become really steep. (disclaimer: these tracks are privately owned and there is only one train a week that crawls over it) The only way to get to the bridge was to park about a mile away and walk the tracks to the bridge. Hannah told me that the walk to the bridge would be an!! We got about two-thirds into our shoot and I took my 1000th look down the tracks to make sure the one and only train wasn't approaching when I saw these bright lights coming down the track...yikes. it was about a mile away but the only way off the bridge was to slither down the steep hill since walking back down the tracks to my vehicle was no longer an option. We got down in plenty of time but it make for that adventure Hannah predicted! (note: this story will be journaled on an accompanying page)

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