DS4 had to write about a vegetable for school. Decided to turn his story into a layout.

Journaling (by Josh age 11)
I was writing down another of my ideas when I heard the call. It was the dinner bell! I dropped my pencil and walked (sprinted) to the dinner table. Then my mom set the plate in front of me. My spirits dropped. My smile melted. My appetite dissipated. It was that yellow, mushy and truly revolting gunk some people, such as my mom, call food. It was corn. The dish was not only corn (people have souls) but also had grilled beef with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side with buttered rolls, giving the dish a welcomingly-delicious and-traditional kind of feel, but the corn was sitting right in front of it all. I couldn’t eat my favorite beef dinner without eating the corn first. I couldn’t get around chewing the rest of dinner without eating that yellow blob. So, I scooped all the corn up with my spoon, hesitantly moved it to my mouth, then swallowed without chewing much of it, to reduce the length of the pain. My mouth had never seen worse days. The next millisecond felt like an hour, the corn smashing all my happiness and sliming all my taste buds with the worst flavor in the history of mankind. As it went down into my stomach, it taunted me and laughed at my suffering. It still wasn’t over. The flavor stuck, and I needed to wash it down. So I grabbed the rest of the meal and stuffed it in my mouth, and it did very well at washing it down. I was not capable of savoring any bit of my meal because of that corn. It ruined my dinner, destroying what could have been the best meal in my life and transforming it the absolute worst dinner in the history of the universe, and that is a fact. And to think I thought I would be glad for supper that night.

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