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Journaling reads:
“Chance” was in the Austin Animal Center shelter, and School of Wags was asked to take him. He was heartworm positive, and an American Bulldog. I wasn’t terribly happy when Kathryn said she was going to evaluate him, but she invited me along, and I made it work out and went with her. We checked in and went to find him in his kennel. Kathryn went in, and I will admit, up until that point, I was fully prepared to tell her that as a Mastiff rescue, we had not need to take on this American Bulldog. But then she went in, and she knelt down and he crawled into her lap and started giving her kisses. A walk around the grounds of the shelter, and then we put him back in his kennel, and then Kathryn told me it was up to me. Were we going to take him?? I just couldn’t say “no” to this boy. There was something about him. He was so sweet and the fact that he was heartworm positive wasn’t his fault, and I said “yes.” He came into School of Wags. Kathryn tired leaving him in the kennels at the shelter, but after only one night there, it was obvious that he was depressed and defeated, so he went to Kathryn’s house as a foster. Everytime I got to see him, I loved him a little more. Then in May he had an opportunity to get adopted. Kathryn called and told me he was going on an overnight visit with his potential adopters, and if I wanted him, I’d better speak now or forever hold my peace. I had talked him up to Mark extensively, but he didn’t even want to meet him. He wasn’t a Mastiff, we already had two dogs... I told Kathryn he could go with his potential adopters with my blessing, and if he was meant to be mine, it wouldn’t work out. Imagine my surprise when on the next day (Mother’s Day) I received a phone call from Kathryn while the kids were fishing telling me that the potential adopters were backing out, and Chance was coming back. It wasn’t until he was ready to undergo his heartworm treatment that I broached the subject with Mark about bringing him home as a foster so he could recover at our house where there were only two other dogs, as opposed to the Leisinger house that always has anywhere from four to eight dogs. He agreed and on June 12th, Chance came to our house as our first foster dog. It didn’t take long for all of us...including Lyra, to realize we couldn’t imagine life without him. He fit right in and we loved him. On July 7th we told Kathryn we wanted to adopt him. He would be Mark’s dog, and Mark named him “Wojo” after a “Barney Miller” character. The name fits him perfectly, and he fits us perfectly. We love our Wojciehowicz!!!

Credts - Everything from the Jouets Collection
by Katie Pertiet.