There is a fun new 5 Things Challenge on the blog. There are so many possible topics for this one I actually made notes for future pages. :O)

Journaling: I learned that I love antiques. Real antiques.
I never cared for the “old, vintage, cottage or shabby chic
antiques” that I would see in antique stores in the US, but once I
was introduced to European antiques (100 years or older) I fell in love.
I learned that I have a love for travel. When living
overseas we traveled to as many new places and countries
as we could. Every time we took another trip Gary and
I would agree that once we got back to the US that we
had to travel more even if it was just 2 hours away.
I learned a few things about food: pork doesn’t have
to be cooked to death; there doesn’t have to be a ton of sugar in something
to call it desert; onions make great cake and hey, I do like wine afterall -
riesling, bitte - spatlese to be specific.
I learned that waiting in lines isn’t all that bad. I have never
really been impatient when standing in a line as long as the person
resposible for the movement of that line is doing their job. After
living in Europe where there are no real lines and everyone just
pushes their way to the front I appreciate them even more.
I learned that we need to slow down. When we lived in Germany
the stores were closed on Sunday thus encouraging relaxation and family
togetherness. The people in Germany take daily naps, go on daily walks and
seem to be very happy walking liesurely with their hands clasped behind their
backs saying “guten tag” and “tschüs” to each and every person that they pass
along the street. We go through our day at such a fast pace that I think we miss
a lot of the little things that could lessen stress and bring us simple pleasures.

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