Sometimes the best thing to do is to concentrate on the moment and breathe.

Our son has been ordering Dark and Stormy drinks when we go out during his week on the island….
seems it has caused a general mood!!

A gloomy July with our boat in the shop for a non-cranky engine!! No sailing but a lot of great walking around this lake.

The roster…. a private symbol of a not so pretty dinner party which should be remembered…..

You DON'T have to SAY everything on a page!! LOL
And not every page is sweet.

Katie Pertiet
has some amazing new treats already lined up for next weekend…
excellent for digital art therapy!!

Chippery Papers No. 1
(several of which I piled on and played with in layer styles…)

Thicker Inked Words No. 1
which I pulled apart and rearranged

Monthly Memories
Digital Packing Tape
Used as tape and as overlay on the words Just Breathe

Collage Ephemera No. 2
full of a lot of other things beside the perfect cock (a doodle do)!!

Notebook Paper No 7
clipped to the words RIGHT NOW~~
as in "take note"

and finally the texture on the pile of papers is
Paisley Letter Box Brushes and Stamps

and the feather behind the cock is
Cutting Files: Feathers No. 01