Carl journals about a good day at the agility field:

She said >>>
Carl! Sit. Stay. This was Ms. Linda talking. Then she walked way out in front of me. I sneaked a peak looking for Mama, ‘cause I knew she had to be lurking around there somewhere. She had that black box clicking thing-a-majiggy. But we were working and Ms. Linda is the Teacher so I kept my butt on the ground like I am supposed to do. (And anyway, Ms. Linda has better treats.) It’s hard for me to wait but I am getting better. I mean - really - I know what they are going to tell me to do when they park me in front of a jump. But waiting makes them happy. Go figure. The suspense builds! My lip starts to quiver a little in anticipation. And then, Miss Linda says, “Done! Jump” And AWAY I go! I jump 16 inches. If I could flap my ears like Dumbo I bet I could do 32! This day was