Another double pager. Some of the photos are from my Mum. Smile

These supplies are for both pages. Thanks for looking. Smile

Tidewater Journal Cards
Title Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Clipped Stacks No.07 **NEW**
Attic Treasures Scrapbooking Kit (wood veneer bird)
Blue Bird Little Enamel Charms
Blue Bird Scrapbooking Kit (alpha, buttons)
Chalked Alphabet No. 02
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 02
Cut Ups: Birthday (re-coloured)
Cut Ups: Black and White
Day Out Scrapbooking Kit (label, banner)
Doodled Block Alphabet No. 03
Elfin Magic Kit (red brad)
Filed Notebook 4x6 Journalers No. 01
Flagged Words Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Labelled Journalers No. 07 Bundle
Life Lines Scrapbooking Kit (word pebble, alpha)
Memorable Spots No. 03
Notebook Journalers No. 02
Pebbled Universal No. 02 (re-coloured)
Pinned: Wood Veneers No. 01
Pocket Cards: 2013 Calendar Cards No. 01
Pocket Cards: Graphed No. 01
Pocket Cards: Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Pocket Cards: Wood Grains No. 02
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 12
Stitched Words: Birthday (re-coloured slightly)
Swimmies Scrapbooking Kit (red pebble)
Terra Botanica Kit (wood veneer pointing finger)
Toothy No. 02 Paper Pack
Chronicles Hand Drawn Words Brushes and Stamps
Hand Drawn Numbers 1-31 Brushes and Stamps
Loved One Journal Cards
Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 01
Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 02

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12/07 - Bandit loves playing fetch in the backyard with the tennis ball.
14/07 - So it’s not a great photo. But it’s us. All of us. And it’s rare to get a shot of the 3 (or rather 4!) of us. And we’re together. Just how it should be.
11/07 - Hard hat on and doing his ‘Wiggles Fingers’. Too cute!
This Week: The start of our week was relatively quiet and then from about Thursday on it flew by! Lincoln and I were in the kitchen again Monday cooking up a storm. We did a corned beef and a zucchini slice. Thursday night Dylan picked up his new frames. He looks rather spiffy in them! We picked up Mr. Carter’s 1st birthday present as well. My back started hurting again Thursday night and by Friday I was in a whole world of hurt. But my house was a mess and I pushed on. Big mistake. Saturday was a huge day - haircuts, a trip to the shops to get Lincoln a new car seat as he had grown too big for his, doctor’s appointment for my 18 week ultrasound referral and blood tests, then art class for Lincoln. He and Sierra made galaxies. He did so well this week but during the class started to get a runny nose. By Saturday night he had a bad cold and we all crashed early. Sunday was Mr. Carter’s 1st birthday party at a park at Xxxxxxx. Lincoln was better, just a little off but he had a lot of fun running around and playing with his cousins. A huge weekend!
Look Here: Lincoln has had his trampoline since his first birthday and it is his most prized possession. He is so confident jumping on there now and is starting to get some real air! He likes to jump and jump until he is as high as he can go and then land on his bottom and jump straight back up. Then repeat. 50 billion times.