We know we are going to lose Quigley at any time now. He has been a part of our lives for 9 years. Now we can only keep him comfortable. Some days he acts just fine and other times he can hardly move.

We brought you into our family in the spring of 2004 when you were only a few months old. We really had not planned on getting another pet but when we saw your cute little face our hearts gave in and you became a member of our family. During the first 3-4 weeks you were so calm and quiet. Then your little personality began to appear. You let us know that you preferred that no one be allowed to knock on or enter our door. You also became protective of David and haven’t liked it if I massage his neck or back. In spite of your small dog syndrome and the fact that you are super anxious we love you. Other than that you have been a near perfect pet. Every night when I come home you are by the door waiting for me. You love your meat treats and I do think you beg to go outside extra times in order to get extra treats. A few months ago the vet told David that you have an enlarged heart. It didn’t seem to affect you much until a few weeks ago. Suddenly you became lethargic and a trip to the vet let us know that your enlarged heart was now critical and you are in congestive heart failure. The prognosis is not good and we know that you will not be with us very long. You are still so cute - almost puppy looking and we are so sad to see you going through this. You’ve become a part of our family and we love you!

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