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Journaling: Lots of my diary pages have documented my more mischievous antics. Do you remember the one about me dropping the spider in Mama’s shoe? Or the one about the water pistol?

Well, anyway, after telling you the story about the dining room table I thought I better show you I am not a complete gooberoid. So here I am on the real deal. This is the agility table where I train. I am staying down until my Mama tells me “Done.” I am really being good here because she made me stay long enough to take my picture. I am giving her the big happy dog smile.

Do you see the red spot on my leg? That’s where I got an IV to put me to sleep so that I could get my teeth cleaned. I had to have a filling, too, because I chipped a molar when I chewed up Mama’s cell phone. But that is a story for the mischievous pages.