One of the funnest fun runs I've done this year. It was in our favourite place Halls Gap, a fantastic town wedged in the middle of mountain ranges, running out of town amongst the birds and through the bush, it was absolutely fantastic. We had the best time, the fun run in the morning and a not to be almost mountain climb in the afternoon. And Mike got to wear that flipping hat I put you all through torture with in my December Daily pages when I was making it ;-)

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What a terrific day, absolutely sensational. Run the Gap in Halls Gap in the Grampians, which just happens to be one of our favourite places on earth! I was signed up for the 6km run.

We set off at 5.15am with Mike driving on kangaroo watch. With sunrise timed for 7.30am, it was dark the whole way. I, on the other hand, was out like a light with my trusty pillow. We got up there and it was PERFECT running conditions. It was chilly I'll grant you that, but it was still, there wasn't even a breeze.

Mike became the one-man-cheer squad, proud paparazzi and incredible hat wearer!! It's great knowing that he is there cheering me on when I run, gives me that extra impetus to go the distance, and knowing he's there as I come over the finish line, proud as punch, it makes a world of difference.

It was great to meet up with some of the girls from the Warrnambool & Surrounds 12wbt crew before the race. We shivered in the cold, noting there were guys showing off wandering around in tank top and shorts. Hmmph to the he-men! It was great to run a lot of the race with Lynn and son in close proximity. She ran behind me for the section of the race along the bush tracks and said she was checking out my butt!! But secretly I think she was hoping I would find all the rocks to trip over before she did. Which as it happened I almost did go arse over turkey.

Hearing the kookaburras and corellas and smelling the fresh gum trees, it was just magic. I think our thunderous thumps may have scared the kangaroos away, they probably thought there was a herd of elephants running out of town!!

After the race we cheered the other runners back, enjoyed the complimentary BBQ brunch laid on by the race organisers and then Mike and I set off. The morning was mine, the afternoon was his. He wanted to climb Mt. William for some photographs.

You drive almost to the top and have to walk the remaining 2km or so. At that stage the cloud was so low you couldn’t see the tops of the mountain ranges at all. It was so incredibly cold and wet as we were walking into the misty cloud. Mike even had icicles on his beard plus he was exhausted, but I was still on my runner’s high, I could go all day with the bounce I was feeling. We gave it up before we reached the top and vowed we would be back to do it another day, preferably in the sunshine!