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Carl decided he needed to tell a story
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OK, let’s be honest. The food - it was all about the food. It was a simple jump from the chair to the table and then I was giving Mama the LOOK - the “I am a starving puppy and I need your food NOW” look. (I have to admit, she is pretty impervious to it but it gets Daddy every time. But I digress.) So here I am standing on the dining room table. And I can tell that Mama is not pleased.

If you have been reading my diary, you know that I am an agility dog now. And, in agility one piece of equipment is the table. (Do you see where this is going?) Picture me jumping hurdles and scrambling up the A-frame. When Mama points to the table I am supposed to jump up on it and immediately drop to the surface. Mama and I have practiced this you know. She points, says “Table” and then says “Down!” I think they put the table in agility to give the humans a chance to catch their breath, but anyway.... Now here I am on the dining room table which unlike the agility table is not one of those places I am supposed to be. Quick thinking is obviously called for.

Mama looks at me out of four-cornered eyes. “Carl,” she says, “What are you doing up here?” Well, duh, giving you the LOOK. Somehow I sense that is not the expected response. But that food looks really good so I pretend to be deaf. “Carrrrrlll,” she says. How do southerners get that many r’s and l’s in my name? By this time, I can tell that Mama is a little agitated. Well, really she is over the top. “CARL”, she says, “GET DOWN OFF THE TABLE!” Ah ha - my opportunity! I immediately drop DOWN on my belly on the TABLE just like we have practiced over and over in class! Look Mama! I nailed it. Do I get a treat? You know, humans really have no sense of humor.

And can you believe it? Daddy took pictures of the entire thing!