I couldn't wait to do this layout. I am going to change up some of the colors in these layouts as I am tired of the red and blue. Need to mix things up a bit.
This is a photo of a beautiful young couple who were going into the Topkapi Palace complex in Istanbul to have their wedding photos taken. My DH was lucky to get this shot as we suddenly encountered this couple as we turned a corner and they were moving fast. There was not a lot of time to react and shoot. He had time for 3 shots and this large photo was the best one. Note that the bride's head is covered but not her face. Women who wear a head scarf in Turkey (and not all of them do) never cover their faces. If you are in Istanbul and see a woman wearing a burka and completely covered up, she is probably from Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic country. Wearing the head scarf (we were told by our guide) is a cultural choice and a fashion statement. Head scarf style is quite different in the interior part of the country. I included a closeup of her shoes as I was told by a native Istanbulli that the shoes were really important. Maybe because she is mostly covered up the fact that she is showing her feet is erotic? Anyway, it was really hot and humid in Istanbul. I was wearing capris and short sleeves and was a soggy mess, hair plastered to my head and these women were covered head to toe. I don't know how they weren't passing out. And then the women in burkas were another thing altogether. TFL

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