Just a story of a special day spent - father and daughter.
A day that I have no photos from, why oh why didn't I get a photo of my dad and I????
So I resorted to an online photo of the match.

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We were sitting watching the TV on Saturday, watching the Cats win over the Hawks and it made me cast my mind back to a very special day many many years ago. I started telling Mike about it and honestly I went wistful at the thoughts and feelings that came rushing back to me.

It was that one day in September when Geelong met Hawthorn in the VFL Grand Final, yes it was back in the good old days of the VFL. I had given dad those precious Grand Final tickets for Father’s Day and it was going to be a day for just the both of us. 1989. Would this be our year? I know it wasn’t a rational thought, but I almost feel like it was the only time I had dad wholly, solely, completely to myself. I was 25.

I remember we set off very early on the train to Melbourne and we eagerly walked to the MCG, donned in our beloved navy and white scarves, beanies, jackets, you name it.

It was the year of the Great Southern Stand fiasco where non-members like ourselves got fantastic seats. Okay so we were up in the nose bleed section but it didn’t matter. We were at a Grand Final and our beloved Cats were playing!!

We had gotten there so early that we sat through the Under 18’s, the Reserves and finally our Catters ran onto the ground for the Seniors. The crowd went wild, that powerful roar of the crowd that would uplift a stadium. I have never seen dad so excited, screaming out, waving, I remember I got caught up in it too. Dad would call out to Ablett as if he was coaching from the stands! The crowd were going nuts for Ablett, 9 goals!

After being down each quarter, the Cats came back strongly in the last, every goal had the margin that much closer, we were catching them, 6 points the difference. The siren rang out. It wasn’t to be. Another five minutes, just another five minutes and we would have had it. Heartbroken didn’t cut it. It was a miserable walk back to the city through the crowds of celebrating Hawthorn supporters. I remember we drowned our sorrows in a hamburger place for dinner up in Bourke Street and then took the slow train back to Geelong, lost in our thoughts, dissecting the game.

The night wasn’t over though. Dad and I went to the Town Hall when we got home and stood there for well over an hour in the crowd of loyal Cat supporters, just to be there to cheer the boys home.

I finished telling this story to Mike and I was smiling. He understood. I have no photographs to tell the story, only my very special memory of a very special day spent with my dad.