Here is a rare picture of me on vacation, showing off my curly hair style since the first thing I did in Europe was blow up my hair dryer (so much for the alleged converter). Wash and wear hair.

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Journaling:It's strange - I never had Paris on my bucket list. But when I went to a family reunion in Stuttgart several families decided that a jaunt over to Paris would be fun. And so I found myself in the city of lights and quite frankly, I was blown away. HEre I was surrounded by places and sites I had read about and never thought to see.
I did feel a little sorry for the other families on the trip. They had no idea that they had brought an obsessive compulsive camera bug with them. I finally told them, "Look. When you are ready to leave just grab me and pull." Because I could have stayed all day at any of the places we visited.
I like to take pictures of the "sight" but I can also get lost for hours taking pictures of the detail work on the cathedrals and monuments. And how about that enormous pulley on the Eiffel Tower that feeds the cable for the elevators?
Of course we went to the top of the Tower and I took a zillion pictures or so. Interstingly enough, my best shots of the Arc de Triomphe were taken from the middle level of the Eiffel Tower. To get really good shots at the Arc would have necessitated standing in the round about leading to the Champs Elysees. And even I am not that crazy.
And about that middle level of the Eiffel Tower. When we got ready to leave, one of the elevators was being serviced and lines were long. So we walked down from there - 674 steps.