Isabel is playing recreational rugby this summer. In the real world (outside high school sports) she is pretty little to play a forward position. She really wanted to be a forward and her coach gave her some things to work on. She worked hard and the coach told her she had earned a forward position. She was very excited and nervous heading into her first game. Alas, there were several players missing and the positions were reassigned. She ended up playing a back wing position. I knew that she was disappointed, but I also knew that she would give it her best. She had some very good runs during the game, despite the crushing heat, and managed to score her first ever try (5 points). The ref was concerned about the heat and instead of playing 2 40 minute halves, they played 4 20 minute periods, so that they could rest and rehydrate. He called the game 2 1/2 minutes early, because they were getting too tired. It was a tough, clean game despite the score: Coven 71, Wolves 5.

KPertiet- Home and garden papers, Almost Spring alpha, taped together overlays, inked banners no 1 (used as a clipping mask), stacked classic frames no 2

MBS-Annelise solids