A terrible photo of me (thank you, morning sickness! HA!) but I promised to keep this project 'real'. Wink

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FONT: Splendid 66, Bebas, KG Chasing Pavements, KG Makes You Stronger
Journaling: No naps this week! Instead of a 2 hour nap after lunch, he has either not napped or crashed out at 3pm. The housework is suffering as nap time was when I caught up!
29/06 - We went back to the Dr. re: the hearing test and speech therapy referral. He was really, really happy with Lincoln’s new words and counting and said he wanted to wait another two months as we may not need the speech therapy. We are going to give it a month, see how he’s going and then make a call. His progress has been amazing though. In true Lincoln form!
Fourteen weeks - this pregnancy is going to pass much too quickly! I am afraid! The sinus headaches finally went away and I started get some of that wonderful second trimester energy! But one of the best parts of the week was my stubborn styes finally going away!
We headed to Xxxxxx on Tuesday for Lincoln’s hearing test. We got there so early as there was no school traffic due to school holidays. So we stopped at the bakery for some breakfast and sat by the water. Lincoln passed his hearing test with flying colours. Wednesday Linc and I made chocolate cupcakes. I was hoping to make a batch once a week with him and that he might eat them if he made them. He’s not a big cake eater but I wanted to progress to sneaky veggie muffins. He loved the process of making them and then only ate the frosting once they were done. Oh well, jellybean appreciated them! Thursday we went out for family date night and wandered the shops. Then we had to rush home so Dad could watch the footy! Saturday was art class again and then Lincoln’s appointment with his doctor in the afternoon. It rained all weekend, killing our hopes of having a day out taking pics. Sunday was a boring old day at home as it was too wet outside. I caught up on housework.
29/06 - Lincoln made the most awesome sun catchers at his arts & crafts class this week! He picked out all of the beads and put them in the tin and then they were melted down and cooled to form the sun catcher. He also made a big one for Poppy M who started his chemo and radiation this week.