Jamie & Daniel both love the strawberries in the garden but during winter there are NONE Sad so sometimes we just make it up.

LETS GO & SEE IF THERE IS STRAWBERRIES That’s how the story starts. I love to do this little ritual. I want you to remember these times. But no fruit or veg makes this not as much fun for you. So.... I hatched a plan. Smile The strawberries at Woolies are delicious and plump and red. Perfect for the plan I think. So I did it. And it worked. You were soooooo surprised that there were strawberries in this dry winter garden . You almost squeeled. “Nannie - Pa
there are some ... there are some” Smile Oh it was worth the cunning effort. I wonder when we will tell you the truth about the hidden fruit ( Strawberry fields for(n)ever.....can you hear the music? )
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