This is a poor quality photo I took with my "not so smart" phone the other day. I love it. Zoe is almost 16 and it's kind of a day to day thing with her. She is sweet as can be, never complains, but dang if she'll ever let me take her picture. I showed her how cute she was in this one and she basically told me to enjoy it because I wasn't getting another. I will Zoe. :O)

Katie Pertiet:
Artsy Seaside Value Pack
Inked Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Blendable Mix No. 01
Inked Words: Photos No. 01 Brushes and Stamps
Bead Scatterings No. 01
Written Words: Love Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Alandia Tropics Kit
Collageables No. 02 (tape)

Lynn Grieveson:
June Kit (leaf)
Autumn in Paris Mini-Kit