It has been pretty rainy here in Ottawa....OK, so not as wet as it has been out West, but wet enough that the road on the island at the cottage was a sea of mud on Sunday when I went for a walk. The way to the sandpit was a wee bit like a tight rope walk as I minced along dry bits of grass, trying to keep my feet clean. It occurred that I was really an adult, opting to stay clean instead of just enjoying myself. Well, I didn't try as hard on the way back......and 'though I certainly did not love the moment when both of my Birkenstocks were sucked off of my feet by the heavy clay....I did enjoy the walk back home. My Birks got a scrub in the lake and will survive. Monday...I went out in the canoe, instead of a walk....
Jana's Angles of Photoshop Class (with PSE9), lesson 2.

KPertiet-watercolour neutrals (blended), folded up overlay, spatters no 3, star glows no 1


MBS-Annelise Solids

Grunge Source-Pavement papers