This was so funny! I really could not believe that every one of these sheep got up and ran away from me! I was not taking time with any of my photos - just sort of point and shoot without composing the photo or trying to get the best shot. So out of the handful I took, the back side of the sheep was the best of the set!

Yesterday we went out to the farm to pick up our eggs. I took my camera along in hopes of some decent shots but really wasn’t into taking pictures . I took a couple of some flowers and some of the chickens and hoped to get the sheep. At first we could not find them in the field, but they were laying down in the shade. As soon as I approached tall but one of them got up and headed away. I thought I would try to get his picture but as I moved his way he got up and they all took off running across the grass. I tried to not take it personally and decided that they just didn’t want their photos taken!

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