well, I started project life two months ago. it's awkward to do this in the middle of the year, I know, but I wanted to find out whether I like the concept or not and - honestly - I also wanted to practice ;-)

I am still surprised how much I love it. it's supposed to be a simple time-saving interpretation of scrapbooking. well, it's not for me. I could spend hours over hours playing with a page. it's what this hobby should be for me: creative challenge and fun!

I have a few rules that I want to stick to to give it a coherent look (and I love structure):
- keep it in German
- mix b/w and colour photos (a concept I have never ever liked!) to take off "pressure" 'cause I'm really picky about colours ;-))
- decide on a handful of fonts to stick to
- use some recurring elements (that can be altered/personalized...) that are extremely influenced by:

CATHY ZIELSKE (man, I love her ideas!)

I also went for wooden elements (as seen in cathy zielske's pages, for example) from KATIE PERTIET and many more goodies from her! she has just sooo much great stuff here ;-))

papers and other things: SHABBY PRINCESS

thanks for reading my little essay and taking a peek ;-))