Some sweet pics I found of Jamie and his "pa"...... they are in love Smile

Journaling :

So this is it. You love Pa. Pa loves you. He started out being known as grandpa , but you decided Pa was a better name. You have him totally wrapped round that little finger! (SHHHHHH I am not talking about me here cos I am soooo much better at warding off that sweet face and all that aren’t I?) A quick pop out visit to the harbour to see the boats. A firm favourite thing for you boys to do. Let’s go there a lot. Let’s go to the boats and wonder about where they have travelled. Who has traveled on them. How many fish have been caught. How many families have these old boats fed. The happy stories. The sad stories. Let’s just go and look and think about life. Why ? Cos we can. Cos we can imagine. And dream to dream... just like the fishermen

Credits :
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