Believe it or not, these are the first photo's we have of Jack and Charlie together in the same shot! Jodie has her hands full with both of them so doesn't get much time to reach for her camera and whenever I visit, I also get caught up in the 'what needs to be done' mode! It's also only been recently that Jack has started to interact with Charlie - prior to these last couple of weeks I don't think Charlie featured in Jack's life at all - except when Jack thought he was being a nuisance and wanted Mummy's attention!

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw these photo’s of the two of you. They are the first ones I’ve seen of you together in the same shot. I can see you both love your Mummy so much by the way you look at her. And she loves you both so, so much too. Just know that it will always be that way. I think it’s a ‘Mum & son’ thing. Of course, you will always have one another too - how cool is that to have a playmate in the same house?!

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