Im not sure we thought that wed ever see this day but today you reached an HUGE milestone in the world of epilepsy. You hit two years without any seizure activity. Its been the goal since the beginning - over 7 years ago. Because if you can go two years without a seizure, it means that theres a chance that you will outgrow it. Its the anniversary that neurologists all wait for and its the goal of all epilepsy patients. And we really never thought youd get there. This past month you and I have been very quietly counting down. Neither one of us spoke about it very much and I think we were both afraid of jinxing it. Youd mention it and then walk away. Id ask you how you felt about it and you didnt really want to talk about it. And then the day arrived. June 11, 2013. And you had done it. Really, truly done it and now you can start a whole other countdown - the countdown to possibly tapering off your meds. You opted to stay on them for another year but the difference is that now it is YOUR choice. And that it HUGE. I have never been so proud of you. Our milkshake toast to you was just the beginning, babe. You have your whole life ahead of you. xoxo

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