during a recent phone conversation with my mother i was attempting to get information about a person my father had worked with many years ago. when i asked what this persons’s last name was i could tell that she had turned to my father sitting in a chair next to her’s and asked: “lou, LOU! do you remember what deanna’s last name was?” a long pause before my father answered, “no.” “oh of course you do!” she replied. in that short exchange i realized how she had spent most of her now 83 years trying to convince us that reality was other than what we thought we were experiencing. it was a theme that played out throughout my life and whose sound track sounded something like this:
me: I’m hungry.
her: no, you’re not.
me: it’s cold.
her: no, it’s not.
me: it hurts.
her: no it doesn’t.
me: i can’t.
her: yes, you can.
me: i did not!
her: yes you did!
me: i did!
her: no, you did not!
i laughed to myself at the recollections.
and the conversation ended as it always ends:
me: “i love you,”
her: “i know you do; love you too.”
at least we agree on that one true reality. but we are still trying to remember deanna’s last name.
me: “i‘m pretty sure it was gillardi.”
her: “oh good gracious agnes, no!”

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