Lots of not-so-easy-to-read journaling on these pages, so I thought I'd help you.

Don is actually the one whoís sudoku-obsessed, not I. He usually takes his book of puzzles wherever he goes. One night, he forgot it, so I downloaded an app for him. Since I can work some of these, Iím sure theyíre much too easy for him. The harder, the better as far as heís concerned. When I get to the point where Iím stumped, I just cheat. He tries to explain all the patterns to me, but since it involves numbers, theyíre way beyond me.

No, I donít play Derby Days on my iPhone. Katie talked me into downloading it for her one night when she forgot her iPod. It involves horses, so sheís in heaven. Itís amazing how technologically savvy she and Sam are. They can work most things better than I can -- thatís certainly true when it comes to TVs, DVRs, and remotes. One night she despaired of me and said, ďCome on, Sam, letís go upstairs. WE know how to work that TV.Ē

I come from a card-playing family. When we get together, usually a game of Aggravation Rummy ensues. Granddaddyís the one who started it, and Iím sure Katie and Sam will be playing it one day. Because you have to get a different meld each hand, it can be very interesting and very irritating. Let me just say that the game was aptly named.

The iPhone has opened up a whole new world of gaming to me -- not sure if thatís a good thing! Iíve always liked Scrabble, and of course, thereís an app for it. I donít play too frequently, however, because most random opponents are too s-l-o-w. And WWF consumes me!

Pokeno after Easter dinner has become our tradition. I donít think we play by the rules, but we have fun trying for center, four corners, little cross, and pokeno on our cards. And we bet with M&Ms because they were handy one Easter. Now theyíre part of the tradition. I remember playing ďrealĒ Yahtzee as a kid -- now thereís an app for that, as there is for nearly everything, it seems. I play the single player, double bonus version.

The game Iím most obsessed with right now is Ruzzle. I found it on a foray through the app store, and now I canít stop playing it. Iíve gotten better with time. Lynn W started out beating the tar out of me, but Iíve evened up the score. And Iíve gotten Karen hooked on it -- gotta keep the opponents coming!

Bobbie got me hooked on WWF and then sicced her sister on me. I like to think Iím good with words, but I get stomped regularly by Claudia, Laura, Carol, Terri, and Janet. Guess Iím learning humility! Iíve always been a trivia buff, and Quiz Board is right up my alley. Finding opponents isnít easy, however. Then I discovered Linda, my cousinís wife, is a Quiz Boarder. Bring on the games, baby!

Although I focused in these pages mostly on games I play on my phone, I have to give a shout-out to Pogo, the game website introduced to me by Ann way back in 2003. There I discovered, Poppit, Jungle Gin, and Dice City Roller. Iíll never get those hours back! And I donít want to forget my beloved Seminoles who have played some of the most exciting football games known to man -- or woman!

game - n., any contrivance, arrangement, or contest intended to furnish sport, recreation, or amusement; frolic; play; any specific amusement or sport involving competition under specific rules; a single contest in such a competition; the art or quality of playing at any sport; any test of skill, courage, or endurance

Computer games donít affect kids; I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, weíd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music. -- Marcus Brigstocke

Katie Pertiet
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