I can actually (more or less) keep up with this one frame a day approach, even during a very busy season of life. And it's not even half way through the year, but when I looked back through these daily pages for 2013 so far, I was absolutely captivated by the images and the stories. I'm so, so glad I'm doing this project!

We're packing/cleaning/staging our house, hoping to have it on the market next week. We're building a new home, and while I'm very excited about that and our future there, it isn't without quite a bit of nostalgia that I get ready to leave the place we've lived for approaching 15 years. This is where we came as newlyweds, with our five kids, and where we became a family.

You can find some surprising things when you move....move your life, and move your appliances to pack your life. We found this stuck behind the microwave.
It’s just an old piece of paper with an outdated chore list for the kids who aren’t kids anymore. But it’s also a record of us, evidence of when and how we became a family. When I found it, I took a picture with my phone and texted it to all the kids. They all had responses and memories of those different chores, of those days...
of our life at HareMoore.