So, with this page I am calling Lincoln's pregnancy book DONE. This is the 4th time I've scrapped this as I have never been happy with the journaling. I wrote the story of his birth a few days after he was born recording every single detail I could remember but I knew I didn't want to include it all in a page for him (I'm sure there's some parts he really wouldn't mind I left out when he's 30 and reading I *think* I am happy with it now though. And I might just scrap the more detailed version for myself and include it in one of my journal type books.

I am going to print these as individual pages rather than a bound book as I collected a lot of ephemera during his pregnancy and I want to include that in the album. We heard so much during his pregnancy how much things had changed since our parents had us, so I thought it would be fun to keep the information booklets and look back on them.

The frame over the framed pattern paper was inspired by Carol's amazing example page, My First Dog. Thanks for such a great challenge, Carol! Smile

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Olivetti Type 2, Bebas
Journaling: You timed your arrival well, my Son. Or rather, you lost all control over it when the hospital decided to induce me. Ten days overdue, the day before your Dad’s birthday and the day your Grandad and Nana were flying in from Perth! It was such a rainy day, that I will never forget. It bucketed down but it did not dampen our moods at all! We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am expecting the whole process to take 1-3 days to start working. But after my examination, the midwife told me we could break my waters and get the ball rolling straight away! As we were being whisked off to the delivery room, Grandad and Nana W arrived with Nana and Pa W. We had time for a quick hello and goodbye before things got moving! Initially my labour progressed really quickly. Your Dad and I made such a great team and he was there with me through out every single contraction. He was great at reminding me to breathe! After about 10 hours (that felt like 2) I was told to push. But unfortunately after 2 hours you had still not descended and it was time for the doctors to intervene. We were whisked off to theatre where they soon determined you would not be born naturally and a c-section would be required. I was so scared, thinking of all of the ‘what ifs’ but we would have done anything to get you here safely. In just 10 short minutes your Dad and I were hearing your first cries followed by laughter as you peed on the Dr straight away! When they brought you to me, I just drank you in. What an amazing experience and journey your pregnancy and birth had been. And here you were, all 4.19kg (9lb 4oz), 53cm and the best birthday present your Dad ever received (albeit 1.5 hours early)! I had to stay in theatre for an hour or so for monitoring but off you went with Dad and the nurses for your checks. Nana W met you and stayed with you and Daddy until I was ok and back on the ward. Then we were finally given some cuddle and family time and all I kept thinking was, what a blessing. What an absolute blessing. And this is just the beginning of an amazing journey for you, my Son. This much we know.