This page is about the pictures and the story. I didn't want to overdo the elements. Today is the one year anniversary of my father in laws sudden death when he was hiking in our town. We placed flowers from our yard at the school he died in front of. It was important to the family and the grandkids. My daughter wrote this on Facebook and I felt it was fitting journaling.

grandpa , I'm not even sure how I made it 1 whole year without you .. You were always there for me , you knew how to guide me. You were the strongest man I knew- ever will know. You knew how to be serious when it was time , but you were always a fun guy, you would play like a little kid , but you always had the wisdom of an adult . I miss you coming over in the summer on Wednesday after you went to the grocery store. I miss you . I always had the best of times with you , you always knew how to brighten up everyone's day. But last year , when I was told that you passed away.. I didn't think it was real. I didn't want to believe it. You were the last one I would have thought to go. We all miss you grandpa.. Grandma misses you a lot, so does dad , and mom, austin, and Parker .. It's crazy. You always helped everyone. You were an amazing father, grandfather, husband & marine. It's so different without you. I just can't believe that it's been a year.. I don't know how we all managed. I love & miss you grandpa.

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