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I was in the last grade of high school. That time the rules about school dressing and hairdo of the students were very strict. Girls wore black uniforms and had their hair combed in a modest way. It was Carnival period and an aunt with her husband invited me to a formal dance. I went to the hair salon and asked the stylist to comb my hair in a bun, a modern hairstyle then. On Monday, going back to school, I ought to have my hair combed in the usual way. However, it was difficult for me to undo that magnificent a la Bompantour bun. Therefore, the Principal called me to his office in order to tell me off and he asked why I hadn’t conformed to the rule. I explained the reason adding that it wasn’t easy for me to undo this nice hairstyle. He replied that, if I had my hair in the same style the following day, he would have to apply the usual punishment, which was the undoing of my hair in the sight of the other students in the schoolyard. And he ended like this:
"Look, only once in your lifetime you will be eighteen years old. Fifty and sixty years old you will be the rest of your life. This bun matches to women of this age. You have a long time ahead of you until then. Why are you in a hurry to get old? Meanwhile do your hair in a style that matches to your own age". His explanation touched my mind and it was a lesson as well. As parents, sometimes it is difficult to convince our children to follow some rules. However it’s much easier when we explain them the reason.
PS From that day on, I have never combed my hair in a bun. Even now that I'm middle-aged woman, I do my hair like an eighteen- years old girl.
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