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I wanted to tell the story about how Molly and I came to be. Molly is the first dog I have ever owned, I never had a dog or a cat when I was growing up. All kids had a dog growing up didn't they? At least all the kids I knew, except me. So I meet Mike and we get married and I get Molly as part of the package deal ;-) With my love of animals you'd think I'd have had them all my life, but I haven't. I've only had Molly the last 12 years. First dog ever.


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Molly is my heart and soul there in a four legged furry package. My beautiful old girl, faithful companion, 38 kilogram feet warmer, constant friend laying next to me while I’m scrapping, following me around endlessly, always wanting to be near me, nudging my hand for a pat, and her soulful eye look when she wants a treat. I had never had a dog in my childhood years, and here I was, aged 39, getting married to a man with a dog.

It wasn’t always like this though. I was scared of Molly in the very beginning. She was about a year or so old, very boisterous, always wanting to jump up. It was nearly my undoing.

But over the years we developed a bond like no other. Mike keeps saying “you broke my dog”. I just know she fixed my heart. I slip her treats, she sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed, she can do no wrong, well not much anyway, apart from when she digs up the garden to plant her bone! I don’t know what I will do when the time comes that she is not with us. I can’t even bear to think about that.

And now in her geriatric years she has slowed down, she sleeps a lot, she still lets Lucky know she’s the boss and she is still faithful like no other. My beautiful Molly girl, yes she is definitely my heart and soul all wrapped up in a furry four legged package.

Molly, you are my first dog and have taught me so much. Love you to the moon and back my girl.