Hi Ladies – this is the wrap up for the May 2013 Photo Swap… everyone is in order as assigned except Beckie (mungerre) - Sandy (Grandy924) I moved them to the last page so I could show the 2 page that Susan aka Home in Ottawa made for Kelly….. I copied Carol’s layout style she used for her Days of December… and I tweaked it for the photo swap …. I sat this photo swap out and I truly missed having a swap buddy and making a page for someone else and the chance at making a new friendship…. Hopefully I won’t have to sit out the next one. There is so much talent combined from one swap partner to another I truly enjoy seeing each and every page. There is one missing page its by Amy aka My Mallory boys… she’s had a death in the family and when she posts her page I’ll edit this…. Until then say an extra prayer for her to heal and get through this very rough time. When you see her name on page 2 … smile that’s what your page looks like until you finish your swap partners page….scary huh… that’s how I think….

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