We just got back from a few days in California.
My son is a total beach bum! Smile

You are one beach lovin’ boy! On this trip to Huntington Beach you got to go and play at the beach two days in a row.
You are completely fearless in the water and waves.
You like it when they crash into you and when there is enough water you try to float and kick your arms and legs.
You and your dad had a lot of fun kicking your feet in the water when the waves were going in and out.
Your favorite activities when not in the water are digging holes, knocking down sand castles, and running to the life guard tower.
On Thursday, you started talking it up the closer we got to the beach like you were anticipating it.
As soon as we arrived and got out of the car you started pulling on my hand trying to get me to take you to the water.
You had fun with your papa at the life guard tower playing with the orange cones and on top of the mountain of sand protecting the tower from summer storms.

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