I'm the bad student bringing up the rear with my LATE assignment for Jana's second lesson in Designing Doubles. Hope my grade doesn't suffer too much! Here's the whole spread:


Journaling: These are the 6 people with whom I spent the better part of a week in May 2013, hearing a criminal case in an Orange County courtroom. It was an emotionally draining case of sexual battery and incest, and the testimony of the two sisters was difficult to hear. As we began our deliberations, we were agreed on most of the issues and talked our way through details that prompted questions. Through it all, there was never a time when tempers flared or when anyone was less than calm and congenial. This was the first time I had ever served on a jury, and it was an education to see firsthand our justice system in operation. Real life courtrooms move at a much slower pace than they do on TV, and there are not as many theatrics from lawyers and witnesses. But there was drama, nonetheless, because we were witnesses to the inner workings of a family that could serve as the definition of dysfunction. Hearing details of their lives made me grateful once again for the family in which I grew up, safe and secure, but my heart ached for the sisters and for all children who do not have that safety and security. I had great respect for my fellow jurors and the seriousness with which they approached deliberation. We were a diverse group. As the oldest juror, I could have been the parent of Keysha (19), Lina (27), our foreman Jeremiah (30), and Sara (32), all of them younger than my son Matthew. I was the only retiree among a student, a Wyndham Hotel employee, a teacher, a librarian, a SunTrust employee, and a computer guy / part-time actor. Even though we came from different generations and walks of life, we were united in our desire to make the right decision. We found the defendant guilty on all counts. Photos 05.10.13, journaling 05.26.13

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