I hardly picked up my camera this week for some reason. Monday, we went to the driving range for the first time in a long, long time. For not having picked up a club in about a year, it wasn’t so bad, until I picked up my driver. I just could not hit that club well, so what does a mom do when her son is a golf pro? Have her husband video tape her swing and email it to him! See his response below.
Mogley celebrated his eighteenth birthday on the 15th. It’s a huge milestone and we are grateful for every day that he is with us.
One of our favorite shows, Scandal had it’s season finale. It was a shocker! I love it when a show takes me by surprise. And it other news...Jack is back! for a 24 mini series. Can’t wait!
On Saturday, we had dinner out with friends at a new Italian resaturant call Fat Olives. It was delish!

Me: I am at the driving range and am not hitting my driver well. Just sent you a video. What am I doing wrong?
Matt: OK, so swing looks real good. Ball position looks a bit forward. Make sure with driver it’s lined up at the inside of the left heel. Also choke down on the club another half inch of so...pretend there is a knob at the end of the club like a baseball bat. Get your whole left hand on the club. Weight shift looks good Smile
Shoulder is a bit open at address...Bruce can adjust for you.
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