Yes it was a little intense for both of them but they both stayed with it and wanted to wait after the play to talk with the actors who came on stage for a hour of discussion about the play. They both wanted to come back and see more plays!!

I had them spend the night before and we watched the movie so they knew what was happening. They gave a play by play (pardon the pun) assessment of how the play differed from the film!! But they BOTH got the point. People can be ugly. Kids can make a difference, Atticus rules and the PLAY is the thing!!!

If you've never read the book, written in 1960 and considered to be one of the catalysts for the Civil Rights movement, you should. I re-read it a few weeks ago just to make sure I knew what I was doing and was amazed. Guess that's why they gave it the Pulitzer Prize that year.

and yes…that IS popcorn behind her head on the floor and I am not taking it out.

Thanks for looking.

Katie Pertiet

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