You’ve learned to crawl up the stairs at Miss Christine’s this month. Anytime the gate is open from the basement, you make a mad dash to the stairs. You haven’t learned how to go down, but up is tons of fun.
Mom took you to the eye doctor. You were born with your left pupil much larger than your right, something your mom and dad noticed when you were just a few days old. It’s really obvious in some pictures, and low light tends to make it stand out. You were a champ and enjoyed the extra attention at the doctor’s office. The doctor said he didn’t think it will affect your vision, and he even said your current vision indicates you have a great chance of not needing glasses as you grow older. We will see about that. Your dad is darn near blind and your mom has been wearing glasses since she was a freshman in college.
You’re able to stand without support now. You like to test your luck, bending far over to grab toys and various objects. Still no real steps, but that’s certainly getting closer.
You had your Kansas 1st Birthday Party hosted by your parents just before you turned 1. It was a fun-filled weekend with Cousins Lauren and David’s 4th birthday party on Saturday and your party on Sunday. Cousin Jenna spent the night between parties and helped keep you entertained while your mom decorated your “Wise Little Hen” cake.

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