Julie sent me this absolutely adorable picture and wonderful journaling for her son kyle who was just about to turn two when it was taken.

KYLE - almost two

WOW, one more month and you will be two. It is hard to believe that time moves so fast. You are pretty much stalled on talking - lots of sounds but no new words. You know how to get what you want by leading us by the hand, or bringing us your empty cup, or going to the refrigerator and grabbing a Gogurt! There is no denying you are smart, and can even follow a two-step direction such as “go to the printer and bring mommy the paper.” The other evening you had finished your smoothie but wanted some of daddy’s, so you went to the drawer with the straws, got one out and brought it back so you could share. When something spilled on the ground one day you got a wipe and cleaned it up. And if there is ever a chance to throw away some trash, you are on it. I don’t know what it is about the trash can but you love it! Some of your favorite places to play (besides the trash can) are any of our three cars, and anywhere upstairs when we would rather you be downstairs. Alex and Brandon can still make you laugh pretty much whenever they try - like in this photo Alex is sneaking up behind me while I am snapping the shot. Before I called her out you had a big sour face! Brandon is your buddy though, and he will often get you up in the morning and change your diaper for us. You were a little fussy with him at first but have gotten used to him and I rarely hear any complaints from you now. Daddy finally turned your car seat so that it faces forward. You don’t seem to mind the change and I like being able to see you in my mirror. You definitely enjoy going places in the car but are especially excited when we first take you out. You have a “happy walk” and kind of bounce around when we first start out anywhere. Daddy took you to Target one evening and you enjoyed stomping in the puddles too! Every so often I will find you in your rocker chair, leaning back and drinking from your cup. You look so cute in there, but so big compared to when you were a baby - not too long ago. There were a couple places where we had to wait recently (over 30 minutes with really nothing to do) and you are such a content kid. So easy to make happy and we are very blessed. Love you so much!

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