Mother's Day last week I ran in the 8km Mothers Day Classic, a pink event raising money for breast cancer research. It was the first time mum had ever seen me run and she was overwhelmed with emotion. I didn't realise just how proud she was until I received a card in the mail this week.
PS: I was aiming to run the 8km in less than 60 mins and I did it in 56 mins 37.3 seconds, so I was elated. Smile

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Journalling (page 1):

Dear Carol I am so very very proud of you. From where you were to where you are now. You have achieved so much. To see you run was so emotional and to see you finish was so great. You have made such great friends on the way and you look so fantastic. Keep up the good work. All my love, Mum xxxxx PS: Dad would also be so proud of you. xx

Journalling (page 2):

I was running the in the Mother’s Day Classic in Geelong, everyone was wearing pink for breast cancer research. This would be the first time mum had ever seen me run.

She was pretty excited, all dressed up in pink along with the other race goers and families. She was snapping the camera like a crazed woman. When the race started and I ran by her, I heard her cheering, yelling out “Go Carol”.

I was elated as I sped down the hill and through the finish line, having run the whole race. The first person I saw was mum and she was calling and clapping and cheering all at the same time. We then set about and enjoyed the carnival atmosphere watching other runners come through.

I had thought she’d had a pretty good morning, despite the cold weather. During the week I got a surprise card from her in the mail. It was only then I realised just how proud she was of me. Thanks mum, I love you too.