He has a routine. Shotput and the 1600 are up early, sometimes even overlapping. When heís finished with those, heíll get a sucker. The 800 is scheduled later and itís his last event of the day. (When all his events are over, itís not uncommon for another visit to the concession stand, usually for nachos.)
Once when he threw away his sucker stick, he ended up with small sucker residue on his jersey which left red spots. When he lined up for the 800, the official asked if it was blood on his jersey. Nate said no and then couldnít resist adding ďOh, actually I killed someone." The official didnít miss a beat. ďIf that was true, Iíd have to disqualify you.Ē

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To note: I marked off the school name and the faces of other people's kids for their privacy.