Well, here in Sweden, Mother's Day is two weeks away. And my relationship with my own mother has grown quite weird over the last couple of years... I have no wish to dig too deep into that one at the moment!
Another "weird" relationship is the one I have and have had with my stepson... But at least this one is one that grows and improves. So I focused on that for this challenge!
The photo is from 2010, when Alex graduated here in Sweden (now, he goes to college in GA). It's one of the rare ones of him and me together!

Journaling: "I never, ever wanted kids of my own. But I wanted your dad, and the two of you were kind of a package deal even though you lived with your mother most of the time. We’ve had some rough patches you and I. First when I moved in with your dad and honestly, HAD to change some rules of the house! You were kind of spoiled and I had to change the way your dad did some things... Then we hit another rough patch in your teens, when you mostly behaved like an ego brat... It is somewhat different today. You have grown so much in every sense of the word the last couple of years. I love that you have been as smitten with the US as I am and I love that I could help you get there. You are doing so very well in college and on the golf course! And I am (in secret, of course) happy that I am the one you turn to when you encounter some “Americanisms” you can’t work out for yourself! I will never forget the car repair-guy! He must have thought you were quite mad wanting him to talk to your stepmom in Sweden when you didn’t understand fully... Anyhow - I am so very proud to be your stepmom!"

"LayerWorks no232 " by StudioDD
"Jason Solids", "Assorted Patterned Tapes: Fall no1" (recol.), "DocuStacks no.03" and "Simple Collage Frames no3" by Katie Pertiet
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