I love looking at all the PL-pages in the gallery! And I've tried my hardest to get into PL... But my life is really too boring!!! I know some of you think I lead the most exciting life, but that is NOT on an everyday basis! My Monday usually looks exactly like last Wednesday and next Saturday...
So, I'm doing Yearbooks "my way" instead! I make pages or spreads about different occasions or happenings. Some of them very ordinary, some of them more extraordinary.
And at the end of every month, I do a monthly spread with all the pics and short stories that did not warrant a page or a spread on their own!
I'm trying to get caught up on 2013... Getting March and April done before May is gone and touring starts again June 1st!

And I'm eternally thankful for the talented designers here that make LO Templates!!! You ladies make my scrapping soooooo much easier!
I hardly changed a thing on this template by Katie!
BTW - It's an improvised lunch on Easter Sunday, when my in-law's just showed up (!) at our summerhouse.
I was on the couch, in my pyjamas, with my laptop. Scrapping and watching "Inspector Morse" on DVD...

"Hello Spring Layered Template" by Katie Pertiet
"All White Now Paperpack" by Lynn Grieveson