Thanks Merr for this wonderful challenge, sorry that I had to miss the chat....kind of got inspired and forgot to use the freebie....thanks anyway, Katie!
Lots of Canadian firsts in 1957, first woman appointed to Cabinet, first deployment of Peace Keepers, first Thanksgiving on a fixed date in October, Front Page Challenge (a staple of Canadian TV) debuted on the CBC, the first Avro Arrow prototype, the only me......
The pink card was attached to my bassinette in the hospital, and the birth announcement was what my parents sent out to friends and family. Still have them (my Mum is a saver), and they are now vintage Smile

KPertiet-wire rimmed alpha charms, stacked classic frames no 2 (unstacked), letter box essentials no 1

MBS-jelly alpha no 27

PKnox-pin its pearls