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The goal of ASB is to allow students to compete in academics similar to the way they would compete in athletics. And the main objective is to honor intellectual and academic achievement and celebrate scholarship. Mr. De Kever fully embraces these goals and objectives but takes them one step further - he shows the team that studying can be fun. And Emily has taken all of this to heart this year in a very big way! She loves her highlighters (enough that she Instagrammed them) and has learned to use them very effectively during groundpounding. She bakes cookies or muffins for many of their practices, started a morning ritual of meeting Chris in the IMC to study before school, and started the tradition of having the team over to our house every Friday night for an extra practice in a fun and more-relaxed environment. And there are not many students who can claim that Sundays are their favorite days of the week because they get to study for three hours. But Emily can! Sunday practices at Mr. De Kever’s house are her favorites and she can’t wait to get there. And driving her and Ye Jee there has become a lot of fun for me, too. It’s been such a huge joy watching her learn to make studying fun and learn that there really are a lot of other students out there that enjoy it as much as she does.

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