This is for Merrilees “heritage” challenge - the year was 1963. I was 3. This is how Mamaw tell’s the story – “I was cooking dinner and you fell off the bike – you were trying to ride a bike that was in the yard but you weren’t very big – we told those girls to lay the bkes down but they didn’t listen – Papaw told me to hurry and we headed to General Hospital(Ironton OH) to get it set …. You cried all the way – but there wasn’t a Dr to set the bone so we had to go to Huntington (WV) - the county fair was on – it was July and your Papaw got a speeding ticket on the way…. That policeman would not believe Papaw – he was looking for speeders – since you were now sleeping … it wasn’t an emergency… my Papaw thought it was… so Papaw got his only ticket ever –your Papaw was furious – later that week it was time to take my cousins back to South Carolina and have our summer vacation but I didn’t get to go …. I didn’t want to tell you but you figured it out… and asked me if the boys had to go home to which I said yes and that this time you can’t go”

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