Merrilee got me inspired to scrap this layout during her chat this afternoon. I found this long lost photo of my mother holding me. (It's a very poor quality photo and no matter what I did, the baby (me) looks like she has no face, but I decided to use it anyway!!!) It looked like she was singing to me. She was always singing to me! I got to wondering what it was she might have been singing, so I researched the most popular sing of that day. Imagine my surprise to find it was a lullaby that I remember her singing to me many many times! I'm not sure if I totally like the whole black and white look here. I may work on it some more, but I'm thankful to at least have this memory put together. Thank you, Merr, for inspiring me to do this!

Supply list:
Circular brush from challenge freebie pack
Filmed Paper Pack No. 01
Musically Inclined Brushes and Stamps