The page is for Linda’s Saturday Scraplift on the DD blog this weekend. We lifted Nothing but my Easter Bonnet by Lacey Bittner

On a trip to Home Depot this week, I wandered through the garden supplies and flowers . . . actually this isn’t the first wandering through plants and flowers I’ve done this spring season. But, we have had a crazy spring . . . up to the 80’s and then back down in the 30’s . . . and bucket loads of rain . . . the most since the mid 1980’s I read. So I just this week brought home an SUV load of ferns and flowers and a few hydrangeas. That is it . . . nothing else this year! I have made a “new year’s resolution” a few months late for my so-called garden and myself! I am planting just a little bit this year and crossing my fingers that our beautiful deer and rabbit population don’t consume my good works!

P.S. I switched from a no-camera old cell phone to my new iPhone a few weeks ago and I’m loving having the fabulous camera to snap anything I want no matter where I am. This day I clicked away at Home Depot and Target and captured pretty umbrellas and lawn chairs . . . colorful plants and these sturdy wheelbarrows. Our old wheelbarrow is bedraggled and beat-up, but it works just as well and these shiny new ones!

Journaling around the edge: Often I get myself all fired up in the spring when the garden centers are spectacular and come home with a carload of pretty and begin the process of planting. I do pretty well until the humidity hits and the kitchen window thermometer hits the 90’s looking; so this year I have resolved to do a better job of maintaining my work when I dissolve in the heat neglecting the job that keeps things pretty.

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(I dissembled and reassembled some of Ali’s words)